Putting Down The Paddles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1.  I notice that you speak a lot about "forgiveness", but doesn't forgiveness just give people permission to be mean and hurtful?

People will be who they are and what they are.  They can, and do, change - yet they are the only ones who can initiate and follow through with their own changes.  

Forgiveness is about you letting go of your resentment toward those people who have hurt you.  It is not about saying that what they did is "OK", or that you have to stick around for more mistreatment.

Sometimes the best thing to do, for our own safety and security, is to forgive and unconditionally love - from a distance.

2.   Isn't it hard to live "in the flow" when you have trust issues?
Absolutely!  I've never said that it is easy to live in the flow - but when I do (live in the flow), things work out in a better way than I thought possible.  It is more about allowing God to take the lead, rather than me trying to control my outcomes.

We, as a society, have been blessed with people who are trained to assist with trust and other mental health issues, just as we have been blessed with trained professionals to assist with broken bones and other physical ailments.  I am neither.  My place is to help people tap into their internal knowing (intuition, guidance, listening to God), and follow that wisdom.   When there are issues to be dealt with, my inner wisdom points me to the appropriate professional who can help (or a book, webpage, etc.).

When I say to "embrace" the journey, I am saying to take each day willingly and deal with whatever shows up.  True, life is not always easy - but I don't think I'm quite ready for the alternative.   From that standpoint, life is always good.