Putting Down The Paddles

Praise for Putting Down The Paddles, 30 Days to Living in the Flow

“Susan’s book is enlightening, enriching and inspiring. This book will speak to you no matter where you are on your journey and push you further down the river toward inner peace.”
~Melinda Mendenhall Stimac

“I found the content of this book to be very helpful to me for setting the tone of my day in the most positive way. The exercises are great tools to have. I really enjoyed opening the book to any page and having the subject be exactly what I needed in that moment. Thank you Susan for sharing such helpful and informative material.”
~Karen Jackson, Author, The Shaman Unveiled: A Healing Tale

Spiritual Mentor, Energy/Shamanic Healing



“I was surprised and pleased that every day’s lesson in the book was so practical and relevant to my daily life. Now, when I feel myself struggling to make things ‘work out’ – I start the 30 days again. Day by day, my sense of calm and peace increases. Putting Down the Paddles is great advice!”
~Sue Adam, Senior Business Consultant


“Susan M. Wright has delivered a beautifully appointed path to letting go. The journey includes lush rest stops and the time to take in the concepts she presents. The reader feels at once motivated and supported along the way.”
~Peggy Ashman, Author, Inexplicable Grace: An Adoptee Journeys Home

“Just when I thought I had it all together, I was reminded that life and living is a continuous process of evolving into my destiny. After reading, Putting Down the Paddles: 30 Days to Living in the Flow, I realized I must learn to slow down, listen, really listen and allow myself to open up and receive the influences around me that are required to mold me into a beautiful vessel. What a comfort to know that I can begin this process at any time, and if I give myself 30 days to meditate and focus on the lessons in Putting Down the Paddles, more great things are bound to happen in my life.’”
~Gina Eleane Wood, Advocate for Girls and Young Women

“I have had years of vast experience in metaphysics, energy healing, and shamanic studies. Throughout all my learning, I have found the simplified teachings that Susan M. Wright illustrates in Putting Down the Paddles to be the most powerful. Susan’s techniques and applications have made both my personal and business life so much easier! Thank you, Susan, for putting things into perspective.” 
~Danielle Garcia, Author, Angel Blessings: A Collection of Channeled Messages from the Angelic Realm,

Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, Medium, Channel, Founder of Intuitive Angels

“The lessons seemed simple and a little random at first but as I breathed deeply and contemplated each lesson each day, I was surprised how the lessons built on one another to shed light on areas of my awareness I had not realized were hiding in darkness. This book helped me to free myself from old beliefs and expectations that no longer serve me, allowing the joy of life to flow.”
~Michael G. Wright, Author

Putting Down the Paddles does a bang up job of embodying Susan’s ability to act as a ‘gateway’ and assist brother humanity to flow through uncharted territory. This book is a portal that allows the reader to lunge beyond the snarls of a fair to middling existence, in a clear cut way. Bravo!”
~Mary Kay Buttery, Founder, Life Made Simple

“Bravo Susan for synthesizing complex principles for acceptance, forgiveness and living in the present moment into simple, practical and very powerful tools for daily living in Putting Down the Paddles. The life lessons and stories woven through provide amazing reference points for inspiration and how to apply the daily lessons in our own life. This work is a powerful testament and blueprint that can easily get someone accelerated in 30 days! Wow!”
~Anne Moore, Senior Change Management Consultant and Licensed Avatar® Master

“I have found Putting Down the Paddles a very useful tool. It’s deceptively simple but each time I read the book, it takes me to a deeper level of contemplation and understanding. With every read something new reverberates with me – an idea that I understand in a deeper way, something I am ready to hear and maybe wasn’t before.”

~Nan Carson, Labor Relations Manager

As a business woman running a healing arts practice, I hopped on the opportunity to read Susan’s book. I needed to learn viable tools that would move me from "fighting to survive" to "thriving in peace. I am forever grateful for all the gifts that were given to me in this book. "Living in the flow" provides the lessons, a-ha moments and opportunities to just "be". In today's busy world, I welcome the chance to simply "be in the moment".

~Amy Barilla, Author, Beyond Reiki: My Journey To Building A Thriving Practice And Community Through Reiki

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