Putting Down The Paddles


As I mentioned in my book, I will use this page to recommend books, ebooks, and other resources to assist you on your journey.  If you know of a book or other resource that you feel should be mentioned on this page, please go the the "Contact Me" page and share the title with me.  I will check it out and perhaps list it here.
I will begin with a link to my website, Beacon Of Life, where you can read about the coaching and energetic services that I provide. While you're there, be sure to sign up for my FREE Weekly Wisdom newsletter by clicking here!
Below are some books and eBooks that I recommend.  The titles are in no particular order.  If you hold your pointer over a book cover, you will see my comments about the book.  If you click on the book, you will be taken directly to the Amazon.com page for that book.  

Happy Reading - and be sure to send me the titles of books that you feel should be on this page.  I will update these recommendations periodically, so be sure to come back often!